5 Best Gifts for Valentines Day

February 11, 2018
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5 Best Gifts for Valentines Day

5 Best Gifts for valentines day

#5 Realistic Self-Help Resources.
If your friend or loved one is interested in self-help approaches to recovery, a carefully chosen resource might spur them on to try to get into recovery or work on improving their lifestyle more generally. Particularly helpful are approaches to achieving the goals of substance use disorder without drugs. The Natural Mind by Dr. Andrew Weil and Free Rides: How to Get High Without Drugs by Douglas Rushkoff and Patrick Wells are good examples. Controlling Your Drinking by William Miller and Ricardo Munoz is a great self-help book for cutting down on alcohol. However, take care that the book actually fits your loved one’s goals or he or she might feel judged and like you were pushing your own agenda rather than giving a genuine gift.

#4 Media Showing the Realities of Recovery.
People with substance use disorders are often fascinated by the lives of others in the same situation, especially if the person is using the same drug. While some books and movies make inappropriate gifts by reinforcing the excitement of drug use, some do a great job of illustrating the recovery process, showing people can come out on the other side. One example is Boy George’s autobiographyβ€”he took ecstasy and LSD and later heroin, but became abstinent as he matured. Another is the movie “It’s All Gone Pete Tong,” which is funny and deep and gets across the sinister side of cocaine use disorder without being preachy and without cocaine being the focal point of the movie. Eminem’s “Recovery” album is another good choice.The following are movies about drugs, but be careful to watch them in full before deciding whether or not they sent the right message to your loved one.

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