January 10, 2018
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From the very beginning of Teen Mom, drugs and drug addiction have been part of many of the cast member’s lives. In the current season, Ryan Edwards is battling to stay clean from his addiction to heroin, but he’s not the only one who has gone through the difficult process. Jenelle Evans has beaten heroin addiction, and Catelynn Lowell has even announced that she will be kicking her dependence on marijuana after going to rehab for suicidal thoughts.
It’s clear that drug addiction is part of the stars’ lives, but could one star’s addiction have been floating under the radar this entire time? Now, some are beginning to believe that someone may be covering up a long-standing addiction to meth!
Even though fans would like to think they know all there is to know about the cast members of Teen Mom, there are a lot of secrets that they manage to keep off camera. Although a lot of their secrets come out eventually, there are many that fans don’t find out for years after they happened.
Then, there are open secrets that everyone believes they know, regardless of if the stars acknowledge it on camera or not. (Like Kailyn’s third pregnancy, which she tried to keep quiet for as long as possible.)
Hopefully, for the Teen Mom cast’s sake, this rumor is simply a rumor. However, some fans believe that it could be entirely true.
“Don’t think this significant other in a Teen Mom relationship is all unicorns and rainbows,” an entertainment lawyer revealed in a blind item. “She is known as someone who is first in line to hit the meth pipe. The story is to make him look bad like they have done from day one. If she wants him sober, maybe she could do the same.”
Meth is a highly addictive and often debilitating drug, and it would be devastating for fans to discover that one of the cast members they look up to is addicted. The entertainment lawyer only revealed a few details, but it’s clear that this cast member is close to someone who is struggling to get sober right now — which could very well be Ryan Edwards.
Many users on Reddit seemed to think this had to be Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan’s new wife.
“Mack, all day long,” wrote user Cantadulttoday. “I can see her as, at least, a recreational user of drugs…maybe not meth, but ‘pillses,’ her reaction to Ryan’s ‘problem’ seems more like she knows she’s not innocent…”
“As far as meth goes, could’ve been a one time party thing and someone from her past tattled,” they added. “I def don’t see her as a hardcore user, but there’s something there.”
Another fan, user BannedByAssociation, agreed with this theory. “I think it’s very telling that mack was at least aware of Ryan’s drug use as evidenced by the televised drive to the parking lot wedding. And that she married him, and that she wants to raise babies with him,” they wrote. “In relationships where one person is using, it’s pretty common for both to be using. Her lack of Give a Fu*k about bringing Ryan around her son shows that she’s pretty desensitized to hard drug use.”
Not everyone took the blind item as it was though. Other users wrote this off as simply a rumor. “That’s a no from me dog,” wrote user DictaSupreme. “It lost me at meth pipe. Mack ain’t doing that.”
User VictoriousssBIG23 wrote, “I don’t think it’s Mack. She may look old, but she [doesn’t] really have meth face. Her face is very full, not sunken and she doesn’t have scabs.”

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