Science and Addiction Curriculum in ASL

February 13, 2018
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Science and Addiction Curriculum in ASL

This high school science curriculum explains the neurophysiologic basis of addiction in American Sign Language, English Captions and voiceover. (Grades 9-12)
Product Overview:
(Grades 9-12)
Through the story of “Ann”, a deaf high school student, students will learn:
Basic information about the anatomy of the brain and its functions, with an emphasis on the Reward System.
The function of neurotransmitters in the normal brain and the impact of drugs of abuse.
The social, psychological and legal consequences of drug use and addiction are presented through Ann’s experimentation with drugs, drug use, abuse and recovery.
Real life stories of initiation into drug use, consequences of addiction and the difficult process of recovery are told by three deaf individuals from different ethnic, age and gender backgrounds.
For Teachers
Optional student self-test questions.
Teacher Guide
This product is suitable for both deaf and mainstream schools as it has ASL, voiceover and English captions.
This product is sold as a CD and is available for purchase:

Science and Addiction Curriculum in ASL was posted originally on Social Sciences Innovation Corp’s Youtube channel via: Science and Addiction Curriculum in ASL

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