Social Anxiety Relief – Living In The Shadows (AUDIOBOOK)

January 20, 2018
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Social Anxiety Relief – Living In The Shadows (AUDIOBOOK)

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Description: Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, is a very specific anxiety condition that is characterized by not being able to participate in social situations or be out in public. These fears, anxieties, and extreme self-consciousness are generated from the thought that everyone is watching them, judging them, and criticizing their every look and behavior.

For those who suffer from social anxiety, it is a daily battle to trudge through the fears that accompany it like apprehension, fear of rejection, fear of not fitting in, worrying about disapproval from others, afraid of making a mistake, anxious to enter into a conversation for fear of looking foolish or saying something wrong, or being humiliated publicly.

Living with social anxiety is a quiet disorder, one that people will hide for fear of being rejected and shunned if family and friends were to find out. They hide it deep down in their darkest psychological closets and simply live with the agonizing and traumatic depth of their disorder.

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