The rush of the chase is often better than the rush from the drug!

August 14, 2017
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Many “junkies” say that the rush of the chase is better than the rush from the drug!

In the many years that I chased the drug I found this to be a very true statement. When chasing a drug like cocaine or heroin it can after take a very long time to “cop” your drug of choice, it can take hours and sometimes even days leaving you an a chase that all too often never ends!

Just because you have a connection or multiple ones doesn’t always mean that they have drugs and many times all of them will have nothing for you to buy!

The chase can sometimes last days of you  making phonw calls going to cities that have street level dealers and trying to connect with someone can be a difficult task.

Even though at times you will be sick while doing this the rush of the whole process gets your body and mind stimulated sometimes to the point where it’s even a higher rush than the 10 or 15 minute high after you get the drug and do it!

Many people say they are more addicted to the chase than the actual drug itself!

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