Tony Robbins | SUCCESS HABITS | MOTIVATIONAL Speech 2018 | PART 2

December 28, 2017
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Tony Robbins | SUCCESS HABITS | MOTIVATIONAL Speech 2018 | PART 2

Throughout his writings, seminars, and speeches, Robbins espouses viewpoints, techniques, and other practices he asserts can help adherents improve their lives. Among these are methods he calls the “controlling state” and “neuro-associative conditioning”. He speaks a great deal about various “human needs, influences that affect people, the power of making decisions” and the need to achieve “emotional mastery”. He has said that, to live an extraordinary life, you must master two things: “the science of achievement” and “the art of fulfillment

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“What is my purpose in life?” How to know the answer

To be one of those who succeed, understand both the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment create the road to happiness and a life of purpose.

What’s going to make you happy or very sad is who you become. If you let your past conditioning control how you evaluate that, you’re going to shrink your life to a level that needs everyone else’s expectations. Inside you’ll still feel empty, but you’ve complied. Compliance is not a life that is fulfilled. Compliance is not for people who want to discover their purpose.

Instead, true fulfillment comes from designing your own life. To find your purpose, you must decide what’s truly right, and know it by your heart and soul, not by your fears or your head. A decision made from fear is always the wrong decision, always. It will not get you to understanding “What is my purpose” but instead drive you farther away.

Searching for what’s your purpose in life? When you come back to your core and stop looking for external affirmation, you’ll find it sets you apart others. That’s how you find purpose and fulfillment.
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